Our Mission

Reach// Inspire//Transform

12th Man Ministries is a nonprofit organization founded to care for student athletes. It’s not a secret that athletes often find their identity in their performance, and live and die by praise and criticism. Our mission is to help athletes trapped in a performance-based identity understand that WHO THEY ARE is more than what they do. 12th Man Ministries trains, equips and mobilizes mentors from the community to provide direction, encouragement, guidance, and affirming support, ensuring that the student athletes in their community are equipped to make decisions to help them achieve successful futures regardless of their athletic abilities.


Clint Hudson, Founder

After 7 years of serving as worship pastor at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clint took a step of faith that led him outside of the comfort of the “4 walls of the church” and into the world of sports chaplaincy. Within the first year, God allowed Clint the privilege of encouraging and mentoring hundreds of student and professional athletes from around the world through the development of 12th Man Ministries!

Through God’s divine design, Clint has become a celebrated communicator, a thought leader in the realm of sports chaplaincy and a certified executive leadership and life coach.

Clint is a man who loves his family, seeks to serve others, celebrates sports, and values community. He has been uniquely called and equipped to develop athletes by helping them pursue their full potential and by shepherding them into understanding that their true identity comes not from their performance, but only from a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

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